Vivek Jaitely

Vivek Jaitely


So we all know that this is a DIGITAL WORLD. You wanna know about any event or person or politician actor anyone or about anything, you just pick up your phone and google it and in the next second, you have all the information that you were looking for. Seeking and searching for information is easy but coming up to that level where people search about you requires a lot of hard work (talent)and a great digital PR team. I am in the industry for long and I was pretty shy to be on all digital platforms, then I met Prerna one fine day and came to know deeply that how exactly this digital world is working, and to my surprise, I found it very interesting and super-wide. We had a great conversation and she pushed me to be active on all social digital platforms and here I am. I keep seeking her guidance and support, let me tell you her knowledge is vast. If you really wanna set your company or yourself you really need someone like her. Thanks a lot, Prerna for always being there .you will do wonders in the coming future. God Bless

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