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What makes a good public speaker?

Many have asked this question. But did we get the right answer for this?

Public speaking is an art. Throughout history, there have been famous speeches made by very charismatic speakers. However, many public speakers have had to work toward becoming a better speaker. There are resources that offer ways to improve aspects of public speaking.

One quality good speakers  possess is the ability to make even the most complex of theories simple. Remember that your audience might not even know the basics of what you are talking about, and you should draft your speech in a way that allows them to understand everything from the very beginning. Public speaking is how you can share your ideas with a large number of people, stand out from the corporate crowd, and get visibility in your field.

Just to make it short, I want to share 5 qualities to be a Good Public Speaker, that helped me to become a confident Public Speaker.

  1. Confidence

Confidence is the mother of all the other attributes that makes a successful presentation. A public speaker who exudes confidence is viewed as being more confident, accurate, knowledgeable, intelligent and likeable than a speaker who is less confident of what they are saying. It’s natural to be nervous, but to excel in Public Speaking, you have to overcome your nervous jitters.

2. Passion

Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm for something. In order to effectively communicate your speech, you need to have a passion for the subject. If the subject cannot exhilarate you, chances are that it will not excite your audience. Without passion, your speech is meaningless. Passion elicits emotions that flow naturally. Emotions move an audience and effectively convey the message.

3. Introspection and Self Awareness

To be a successful public speaker, you must first understand who you are and what your strongest qualities are. Most successful speakers work to capitalise on their strengths. Is it humour that adds taste to your presentation? Or is it that storytelling talent? Understanding your strength as a public speaker will enable you to effectively engage the audience.

4. Being Yourself

Always be yourself and not a duplicate of a “would be”. No one can replicate you better than yourself. No matter how much you have rehearsed for the speech, if you don’t act like yourself, your audience may see you as insincere. They may perceive that your whole idea is to try to capture attention by copying a famous person or trying to take their place.

5. Engagement with your Audience

A good speech should be conversational in nature. It should engage the audience as much as possible. This helps to eliminate the element of boredom. It ensures that the audiences are not on phone or laptops searching the web as you speak. You can get them to put the phones down by creating an engaging atmosphere. You can achieve this by painting a picture through storytelling, making fun or by conducting some regular body-relaxing activities.

So, if you are a speaker and looking for a platform and recognition. Then Speak Forum is the place for you to join and reach the right audience for your speeches.

Speak Forum is a platform that invites all the great and aspiring Public Speakers to join the fastest growing platform that helps them to reach the right audience to expand and grow in the industry.

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Work for growth and not for the sake of work & money.

I have a question in my mind and unable to understand. 

We meet many people in our life who are working. On asking them about how their work is and how the organization is, the first thing we get to hear is “Thik hi hai, bas kat rahi hai life. Majdoor hai hum to, majdoori kar rhe hai bas”. And they have a lot of complaints regarding their organization. Whether they work for the government or non-government organization, everyone just has complaints about their employer. It’s very rare when we hear good words about the organization.

I have just said one word to them when there are so many problems then why don’t you leave the company. I just would like to add that when an organization is giving you the opportunity to grow, earn and get progress in life, so can’t you speak a few good words about the organization. This is the same organization that believed in you and gave you the chance to work with them. If you can’t be good for your organization now, then how could you feel other companies to take you as their employee. Every employer wants his employees to feel the work as their own and work accordingly. It’s very sad about the employer part to have such employees who just want to work for the sake of work and money and there is no zeal to grow the company and work for its betterment. 

To all the employees, I would like to say kindly work for your organization, considering it as your own business. This will help your organization to grow and you will grow with the organization too. The world will recognize you because of your work and love for the organization. We all know the inspirational story of Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba, the biggest e-commerce today and his receptionist Tong Wenhong, where she was asked to stay in the company by giving her 0.2% shares right saying it will worth 100 billion when Alibaba goes public into the market later. She waited 14 years in the same company because she believed in the organization and keep working. Now she is the Vice President of Alibaba and people know her well. We just need to trust each other and work together to grow as a team and not just work for the sake of work and money.

As an employer, I would never like to have such employees who are dull and can’t work for growth. Every employer needs enthusiastic, creative innovators & work lover people in his organization. Love your work, make it fun and enjoy the growth.

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How to Make Your Profile More Visible to Recruiters

You know that you are the best candidate for a job. Despite all your preparation, you are not getting that crucial interview call. This is a signal that your resume desperately needs attention. Hiring managers are ignoring it because your bio-data lacks something more. Read these tips to figure these lacunae out and increase your chances of cracking a dream job.

Write a compelling resume headline

Your resume headline needs to be interesting, and has to reflect your experience and skills to catch the attention of a recruiter. The more precise it is, the more chances of it getting noticed by recruiters.

Enter the right key skills

The key skills you enter in your Naukri or LinkedIn Profile need to reflect your professional strengths. What is the best way to figure that out? Here is a tip: for a Social Media Manager these will be skill Marketing, Social Media, Analytical Skills, Twitter, Content Marketing, Interpersonal Communication, Marketing Campaigns etc.

Update your profile regularly

Make sure you update your profile at least once in 6 months. 6 months is a long time and most people add new skills, take up new responsibilities, or complete new projects in that much time – and that information should reflect in your resume. Moreover, your total years of experience changes in 6 months and needs to be updated. Every week lakhs of jobseekers update their Naukri profile with their recent professional accomplishments – so if your resume is outdated, you may be losing out on those new job opportunities. Small tip: for a frequent reply from recruiters, one should do some or other frequent changes in your profile so that your profile will be placed in updated profiles list. You may update new skills, CTC, number or experience etc., just change it and correct it, then save. Always keep your profile 100% complete and updated.

Fill in relevant fields in your profile

Recruiters search candidates based on certain specific parameters such as: Functional Area, Education, Current Salary, Keywords, Skills, Designation, Company name etc. This means there are multiple ways in which your resume can show up in front of a recruiter. So the more information you enter in your profile the more the chances are for your resume to show up. Make sure your profile strength bar displayed in the My Naukri Home page is as close to 100%, as possible.

Verify your contact details

Recruiters hesitate to contact candidates with unverified contact details. When an employer sees that your mobile number and e-mail id are verified, he/she is more likely to contact you for new job opportunities.

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